Make entrepreneurship radically accessible and playful. 

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Well Known Problems...

 You listen with awe to the stories of founders who created big things that changed the world. 

But at some point you come to understand that the "luck" or "serendipity" the founder had to find their co-founder, score their first customer, or get their first investment is not distributed equally. Right now the American Dream can only be accessed in a few parts of the country much less the world, and is only accessible to people who look a certain way. 


Need radically creative


We're changing this story by re-thinking everything about how entrepreneurship should be done. 

What if you could have access to a community from anywhere?

Who would be able to build great things if people connected based on ideas instead of appearance first?

We're questioning everything to help more people build great companies, non-profits, charities, products, or art. Whatever ideas you have, Adjacent is your network to make them possible.